Publication: Language, Landscape, Sublime

June 29-30 2016, Dartington Hall & Sharpham House, Devon, England.

Louise's paper is published in the Online Publication coming from the two-day symposium, which drew together artists and thinkers from a wide range of disciplines to explore ways in which landscape –– and the ways we represent it –– connects deeply to our lives and underpins our relationship to the world.

Article Title: 'Creating Warnscale: Applying Dorothy Wordsworth’s Mode of the Feminine Sublime to a Walking-Performance about In/Fertility and Biological Childlessness' by Louise Ann Wilson

Abstract: This paper will focus on Warnscale created and written by Louise Ann Wilson. Warnscale is a self-guided walking-performance specific to the Warnscale fells south of Buttermere Lake, Cumbria. Mediated through a multi-layered walking-guide/art-book, the walking-performance is aimed at women who are childless-by-circumstance. Society offers no rituals or rites of passage through which women who have ‘missed’ the life-event of biological motherhood can be acknowledged and come to terms with that absence. Warnscale, however, offers imaginative and creative ways through which participants can engage with landscape in order to reflect-upon, re-image and transition (even in the smallest of ways) the liminality that this circumstance can lead to.

This paper explores how Warnscale was developed through: an in-depth, ‘situated’ study of the landscape in which it was created; observational research in fertility clinics; and a close reading of the journal writings of Dorothy Wordsworth.

Wordsworth’s Grasmere Journals describes how she walked in, and engaged with, the landscape in a manner that was embodied, multi-sensory and materially specific – a mode, I suggest, that can be understood as a form of the ‘feminine sublime’. This sublime, I argue, can also be located in her ability to notice the ‘common-place’ and thus see afresh ‘everyday’ objects, people and experiences that are ordinarily overlooked, or on the edges of social and cultural discourse. Warnscale works with an applied use of Wordsworth’s ‘feminine sublime’ mode of walking, dwelling and noticing and is framed by extracts from her journals.

Fertility Fest 2018

At Fertility Fest 2018 I will be talking about creating a version of Warnscale that explores the male experience of in/fertility and biological childlessness that I am creating. For more information, click here<…

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Glad-Var Gallery Exhibition

 is to exhibit some of her recent water colour paintings from the series entitled 'Petra' in the forthcoming exhibition “GLAD-VAR” @ GALLERY 23 in Lancaster. 

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Mobile Utopia: Conference, Exhibition, Catalogue

2-5 November 2017, Lancaster University.

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Mulliontide: A Guide for Walkers

Publication of Mulliontide: A walk from Poldhu Cove to Mullion Cove.

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Mulliontide: NEW walk by Louise Ann Wilson

Mulliontide: a new coastal walk from Poldhu Cove to Mullion Cove, The Lizard, Cornwall. Evolved in collaboration with local residents, the walk focuses on a much-loved coastal landscape and explores the places where land, sea and people meet. 

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Louise to speak at Fertility Fest 2016

The festival takes place at the Birmingham Rep on Saturday 28th May and at London’s Park Theatre on Saturday 11th June. It will feature over twenty five leading writers, visual artists, theatre-makers, film-directors and composers…

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Warnscale on BBC Radio 4 ‘Ramblings’

On 17th September 2015 at 3pm you can listen to Clare Balding on a visit to Cumbria, walking with Louise and talking about her latest project, Warnscale: A Land Mark Walk Reflecting on In/Fertility and Childlessness. 

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Warnscale book available to buy

Warnscale: A Land Mark Walk Reflecting on In/Fertility and Childlessness is a multi-layered book designed to enable walkers to undertake a self-guided/performed walk in the Warnscale area of fells that lie to the south of Buttermere, Cumbria…

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Warnscale Exhibition at The Wordsworth Trust

From 20 June to 19 July 2015 Louise will present an exhibition of photographs, drawings and artefacts at the Wordsworth Trust that offer an insight into the 12 month process of creating her new…

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Warnscale: A Land Mark Walk

Warnscale: A Land Mark Walk Reflecting on In/Fertility and Childlessness. Book launch, exhibition and walks, 16 & 17 May 2015.

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Make/Believe: Design for Performance 2011-2015

14-31 January 2015 (Monday - Saturday 10am-5pm). Louise exhibits Ghost Bird in the The SBTD’s new national exhibition in the Newton Building at Nottingham Trent University. 

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The Walking-Art Project, Cumbria

Coming Soon Louise is creating an interactive walk in an upland area of the Lake District which will be available for interested participants to experience individually and in groups from May 2015. Please join the mailing list or keep checking back…

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Still Life at Sea Change exhibition

13 August - 9 November 2014, film of Still Life showing in the Sea Change exhibition at the Atkinson Museum & Gallery, Stockport.

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The Gathering - watch the live stream

On 14th September 2014, The Gathering / Yr Helfa was live-streamed, the recording will be available until 28th September 2014.

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The Gathering / Yr Helfa

12-14 September 2014 was a new site-specific walking-performance inspired by the annual cycles of sheep-farming at Hafod y Llan farm, Snowdonia, Wales.

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‘Creating A Scene’ on Tour

Creating a Scene: Collaboration in Art and Theatre 28 June - 27 August 2014 Oriel Davies Gallery in Powys, Wales Louise was invited to exhibit a special selection of nine production photographs from across LAW Co's entire body of work from 2008 to…

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Fissure Exhibition at AirSpace Gallery

7 February - 15 March 2014 (Now Closed). Production photographs of Fissure (2011), were exhibited as part of The Walking Encyclopedia exhibition at AirSpace Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent.

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Ghost Bird Exhibition, Cumbria

From 18 January - 4 April 2014 (Now Closed) our Ghost Bird exhibition was open to the public at RSPB Geltsdale, Cumbria. The exhibition included stunning production photographs of our 2012 live production by internationally renowned photographer Manuel Vason,…

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Creating a Scene Exhibition

Louise exhibits production photographs as part of Creating a Scene at the National Centre for Craft and Design, Lincolnshire between 24 January - 21 April 2014.

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