Women’s Walks to Remember

Current 2018 (onwards), Cumbria.

Women’s Walks to Remember: "With Memory I was there", a new project that celebrates the walking-lives of Lake District women and collects significant walks that can no longer be walked.

Harold’s Walk: A Walk to Remember

January 2017 (ongoing), Cumbria

The process of creating Mulliontide (2016) led to a project entitled Harold's Walk: Walk to Remember.

Pendle – Firbank – Swarthmoor

March-September 2017 (ongoing), NW England

Site-specific research and development project leading to prototype for a set of three artist’s books entitled Pendle, Firbank and Swarthmoor (forthcoming 2019). The books respond to three sites in North West England important to Quaker history.

Mulliontide: A Guide for Walkers

Published, July 2017.

Mulliontide: A Guide for Walkers, enables others to undertake the coastal walk from Poldhu Cove to Mullion Cove that I created in 2016 in collaboration with residents of Mullion, Cornwall.


29-30 October 2016, Poldhu Cove to Mullion Cove, Cornwall

Mulliontide coastal walk that focuses on a much-loved landscape and explores the places where land, sea and people meet. The walk notices the effects of tide and time, acknowledges deep feelings for place and recognises the challenges of change – personal and topographical.


16-17 May 2015 (ongoing), Warnscale Fells, Cumbria

Warnscale: A Land Mark Walk Reflecting on In/fertility and Childlessness is a self guided walk specific to, and created in, Warnscale, an area of fells to the south of Buttermere Lake.