Close-up Clougha Pike Collection

Close-up Clougha Pike Collection

April 2018, Clougha Pike, Forest of Bowland

I work in paint, pencil, print (often taking prints and rubbing on site), mixed media montage, and photograph using a combination of images, words, line, fragments, texture, colour and white or “silent” space to create my artworks.  As well as capturing and investigating a site my work can be used as an aid to reflection or meditation. 

My photographs focus on capturing and evoking the essence, feel, colour and form of rural landscapes and topography. They take careful notice of objects such as rocks, lichen and flora as well as weather and seasonal variations.


The limited edition photographic-images in this collection, entitled Close-up Clough Pike were taken at Clougha Pike near Lancaster in Spring 2018. The photos seek to capture the extraordinary colour, texture and form of the lichens growing on the rocks found there.             

The collection features in 'Upcycle/Recycle' (17 May – 6 October 2018), an exhibition at Gallery 23, Arteria, Lancaster.