Women’s Walks to Remember

Women’s Walks to Remember

1 Sept - 20 Dec 2018, Wordsworth Trust Museum, Grasmere

Women’s Walks to Remember: "With Memory I was there" is inspired by Dorothy Wordsworth’s Rydal Journals in which she describes “rural sights and sounds” in vivid detail and recollects the landscape and walks she was no longer able to do. It recreates some of Dorothy Wordsworth’s walks and walks that present-day women in the Lake District can no longer do. The walk might have been for work, leisure, adventure, health, remembrance, creativity, science, companionship or solitude. The reason that the walk can no longer be done might be due to the effects of ageing, illness, accident or circumstance.

Louise has been re-walking each remembered walk and gathering together  ‘treasures’ – hand drawn maps, words, objects, photos – to share with each of the women. These items are currently displayed in the gallery at the Wordsworth Trust Museum together with the original art works that she is developing to reflect her experiences of meeting and walking for these women and Louise's installation entitled Dorothy's Room

Eventually, Dorothy’s walks and those of the present-day women are being mapped to create a network of ‘Women's Walks to Remember’ which the next generations of walkers can follow. 


Creator, Designer and Film Maker: Louise Ann Wilson

Women’s Walks to Remember participants: Linda Broughton, Margaret Crayston, Jill Peel, The Tuesday Walkers (led by Sue Falkner), Wallace Heim, Harriet Fraser

Producer: Louise Ann Wilson Company

Funders: The Wordsworth Trust, Faculty of Arts and Social Science (Diversifying Wordsworth project) Arts Strategy Fund and FASS Impact Grant from Lancaster University, Lancaster Arts at Lancaster University, wilson+wilson, Women’s Studies and Sociology, Lancaster University, EASST.